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June 2019

The Spirit Glorifies the Son (Sermon on John 16:12-15)

The Washed and the Dogs (Sermon on Revelation 22:12-17, 20)

May 2019

It’s All About Jesus (Sermon on Revelation 1:9-20)

The Dying Apostle’s Charge (Sermon on 2 Timothy 4:1-8)

Was Blind but Now I See (Sermon on Acts 9:1-19a)

Salvation is Found in No One Else (Sermon on Acts 4:7-13)

April 2019

Remember Jesus Christ: He is Risen! (Sermon on 2 Timothy 2:8)

Three Words of Truth: It Is Finished! (Sermon on John 19:28-30)

Three Words of Truth: Save Us Now! (Sermon on Matthew 21:1-11)

Three Words of Truth: I Am He (Sermon on John 18:3-9)

Three Words of Truth: Take and Eat; Take and Drink (Sermon on Matthew 26:26-28)

Three Words of Truth: What is Truth? (Sermon on John 18:33-40)

March 2019

Three Words of Truth: Take Him Away! (Sermon on John 19:14-18)

God’s Obsession with Your Salvation (Sermon on John 2:13-22)

Three Words of Truth: Love One Another (Sermon on John 13:31-35)

How Much the Lord Has Done for You (Sermon on Mark 5:1-20)

Three Words of Truth: Is It I? (Sermon on Matthew 26:20-25)

Are You Expecting Jesus or Someone Else? (Sermon on Matthew 11:2-6)

Three Words of Truth: Watch and Pray (Sermon on Matthew 26:35-41)

February 2019

Your Redeemer is More Reliable than Your Reason (Daniel 3:13-18)

Do Not Fear God’s Plan (Jeremiah 1:4-10)

January 2019

Your Happiness or God’s Glory? (2 Kings 19:14-19)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: God’s Glory is the Highest Priority
  • 1/27

The Meaning of Marriage and Family (Isaiah 62:1-5)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: As Jesus reveals his glory, we delight in our bridegroom!
  • 1/20

The Power of God in a Quiet Whisper (1 Kings 19:8-13)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: God shows his greatest power not in mighty miracles, but in the quiet word of the Gospel!
  • 1/13

Pride Divides (1 Kings 12:3-11, 16)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: Pride vs. Humility – Part 3: Pride Divides but Humility bring Unity
  • 1/6

December 2018

Jesus is our Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6; Luke 2:1-20)

  • Sermon
  • Christmas Devotion
  • 12/24

The Best Christmas Preparation is Repentance (Luke 3:1-6)

  • Sermon
  • Advent 2 Service Theme: The judgment is coming; prepare the way for the Lord’s Salvation.
  • 12/23

Watch with Care and Joy (Luke 21:25-36)

  • Sermon
  • Advent 1 Service Theme: The judgment is coming, but there will be deliverance for God’s people.
  • 12/16

God-Pleasing Priorities are Paramount (1 Kings 3:5-14)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: God calls us to pursue him above all things and he promises to take care of the rest.
  • 12/9

Real Love is Confrontational (2 Samuel 12:1-10)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: True Love Requires Discipline
  • 12/2

November 2018

When God Offends Us (2 Samuel 6:2-8)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: The Common and the Sacred: What are your priorities?
  • 11/25

How to Spot Fake Repentance (1 Samuel 15:17-26)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: Pride vs. Humility – Part 2: The Number 1 Killer of Christians
  • 11/18

The Lord Repays What We Lose For Him (Ruth 2:11-12)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: God’s Sacrifice Leads To Our Sacrifice
  • 11/11

Greatest Glory in Greatest Shame (Judges 16:18-30)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: Pride vs. Humility – Part 1: Godly Service Begins With Humility
  • 11/4

October 2018

Wiser Than Our Wisdom (The Walls of Jericho)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: God’s ways are not our ways.
  • 10/28

God Can Certainly Do It! (The 12 Spies)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: Faith vs. Fear
  • 10/21

Worldly Love and Christian Love (Exodus 32:30-32)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: The Self-Sacrificing Love of Christ and of Christians
  • 10/14

The Hidden God (The Radiant Face of Moses)

  • Sermon
  • The Story Chapter 5 (Mount Sinai, 10 Commandments, Golden Calf, Tabernacle)
  • 10/7

September 2018

The Lord Will Fight For You (The Crossing of the Red Sea)

  • Sermon
  • The Story chapter 3 (The Exodus)
  • 9/30

God Plans Evil for Good (The Account of Joseph)

  • Sermon
  • The Story chapter 3 (Joseph in Egypt)
  • 9/23

Abram’s Faith and Yours (The Account of Abraham)

  • Sermon
  • The Story chapter 2 (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob)
  • 9/16

Salvation Through One Man (The Account of Noah)

  • Sermon
  • The Story chapter 1 (Creation, the Fall into Sin, Noah)
  • 9/9

True Obedience Begins with the Heart