Why Go to Church?

We’ve started a new Bible study on why we as Christians go to church.  Is it necessary?  What’s the benefit of it?  We’ll dig into all these questions from the Bible.

If you’re not able to make it to our regular Bible study time, feel free to watch the Bible study videos on YouTube.

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April 2019

Remember Jesus Christ: He is Risen! (Sermon on 2 Timothy 2:8)

Three Words of Truth: It Is Finished! (Sermon on John 19:28-30)

Three Words of Truth: Save Us Now! (Sermon on Matthew 21:1-11)

Three Words of Truth: I Am He (Sermon on John 18:3-9)

Three Words of Truth: Take and Eat; Take and Drink (Sermon on Matthew 26:26-28)

Three Words of Truth: What is Truth? (Sermon on John 18:33-40)

March 2019

Three Words of Truth: Take Him Away! (Sermon on John 19:14-18)

God’s Obsession with Your Salvation (Sermon on John 2:13-22)

Three Words of Truth: Love One Another (Sermon on John 13:31-35)

How Much the Lord Has Done for You (Sermon on Mark 5:1-20)

Three Words of Truth: Is It I? (Sermon on Matthew 26:20-25)

Are You Expecting Jesus or Someone Else? (Sermon on Matthew 11:2-6)

Three Words of Truth: Watch and Pray (Sermon on Matthew 26:35-41)

January 2019

Your Happiness or God’s Glory? (2 Kings 19:14-19)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: God’s Glory is the Highest Priority
  • 1/27

The Meaning of Marriage and Family (Isaiah 62:1-5)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: As Jesus reveals his glory, we delight in our bridegroom!
  • 1/20

The Power of God in a Quiet Whisper (1 Kings 19:8-13)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: God shows his greatest power not in mighty miracles, but in the quiet word of the Gospel!
  • 1/13

Pride Divides (1 Kings 12:3-11, 16)

  • Sermon
  • Service Theme: Pride vs. Humility – Part 3: Pride Divides but Humility bring Unity
  • 1/6